The AK Grizzlies Board of Directors is a diverse group of hockey enthusiasts who jointly supervise the activities of one of the oldest youth hockey organizations in the Fairbanks North Star Borough and it's surrounding areas located in the Alaska interior. The Board has the luxury of pulling members from all facets of the Fairbanks hockey community - from coaches, to bankers, to retired Certified Public Accountants, to seasoned community and youth sports supporters and advocates - to ensure the current board has a wealth of knowledge of all workings of a successful organization.


Jack Tragis

A pillar of the Fairbanks hockey community for more than four decades, Jack is the founder and President of NAHA and has held that role since the our inception. A true gentlemen, coach, dad, and mentor for countless players, parents, fellow coaches - Jack has and always will give you the shirt off his back if you needed. Now retired from the military and being an accountant, Mr Tragis volunteers his time helping young athletes excel at hockey.

(907) 328-0549


Jason Witt
Vice President

Raised in Fairbanks, Jason enjoys giving back to a sport that he has enjoyed since he was a young child. Having played hockey in Fairbanks, he is familiar with how special hockey is to our town. Jason works for a local credit union where he is the VP of Lending. Married to Randee, they have two children, Jayda and Carter.

(907) 460-1925


Shana Pilkinton

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Shana loves the small community feel in this town. She loves being a part of a community that comes together for it's members, for so many different causes. Shana has worked for a local insurance brokerage firm for 22 years. Married 21 years to Jess, they have two children, Emily and Zach. Zach has played hockey with NAHA/Arctic Lions for 7 years, which makes her a very proud Hockey Mom.

(907) 378-8279


Andra Lozano

A financial wiz within her day job as SVP at a local community bank, Andra lends her talents to the finances for NAHA and we are appreciative of the fact. When not chasing down one of three children currently playing the greatest game on earth, she's connecting with her husband who doubles as dad and coach. A gentle smile and infectious personality, Andra keeps the organizational finances running smoothly.

(907) 750-7531


Nicole Valentine
Board Member

Nicole grew up between Pittsburgh, PA and Healy, AK. Her passion lies in helping create programs that allow kids to participate in youth sports with out financial barriers. When she is not working at FSA, Nicole and her three kids are often found at a rink skating or volunteering (or both) and husband Cleo is quick to join the efforts when he is home from his job as a Laborer.

(907) 388-5190


Jared Bounds
Board Member

Born and raised in Anchorage, Jared grew up in a hockey family. Jared understands the life lessons and work ethic this wonderful game can teach our young athletes as they grow.  Married 10 Years to Mindy, they have two boys Trey and Tristen. Jared has worked in the transportation industry for 16 years.

(907) 987-2034


Shane Callahan
Board Member

Born and raised in Maryland, Shane relocated to Fairbanks back in 2014 with his wife Heather. The family has two boys Blake and Liam. Shane was exposed to hockey at an early age following the Washington Capitals but got a late start playing at age 13 and ended up a baseball player into his early 20's. He got back into playing and coaching hockey in 2018 with NAHA. He enjoys playing music and hanging out with family and is an IT professional.

(443) 722-5477

Board Member

Are you an ice hockey enthusiast who has a passion and a heart for helping grow young athletes in life and hockey skills? As a proud NAHA board member,  you are in the driver seat for shaping our organization to better serve the hundreds of young hockey athletes in Fairbanks and the vicinity. If you would like to know more information about advocating, serving, and mentoring current and future Grizzlies athletes - we'd love to hear from you.

To take the next step in the board seat vetting process, contact VP Jason Witt at (907) 460-1925 or by email at to express your interest and receive next step guidance.


All NAHA board meetings are open to guest organization members.  The beginning of each regular meeting is allocated for members to openly discuss concerns, suggestions, and provide feedback.  All feedback is encouraged and welcomed from the NAHA board and it's members. The Board will then transition to discuss topics that are presented based upon the Agenda. From time to time there may be topics that need to be discussed privately and at this time the Board will ask any attending member guests to leave the room to begin an Executive Session.  Meetings are typically two hours in duration.

Occasionally the date, time, and location of regular meetings may change due to scheduling conflicts.  Please check the website to capture any changes that are made to the scheduled Board meeting.


The Northern Alaska Hockey Association provides a positive atmosphere for all student-athletes to be given the platform to demonstrate physical fitness, hockey skill growth, and the development of life skills. We build character in our athletes through competition in the game of hockey and instill in them core values which are integral to life’s successes. We are dedicated to helping them realize their highest potential - Intellectually, Physically, and Socially – allowing them to be successful contributing members of the community in which they live.

By focusing on intellectual, physical, and social skills development through character building, we will develop a strong sense of community within our athletes that allows them to be successful on and off the ice. By instilling in our student-athletes the value of community and a strong work ethic, it will allow our athletes to be highly successful in the game of hockey, in education, in the community, in future jobs, and as leaders in their homes.

The Alaska Grizzlies aspire to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality hockey experience to every athlete. In order to carry out our mission and vision for our organization and in our student-athletes, the Alaska Grizzlies have four (4) core values that help facilitate growth in our student-athletes and provide the blueprint for a lifetime of successes:

PERSISTENCE – All great student-athletes are passionate and competitive. They have a strong work ethic that allows them to complete the critical task of finding growth opportunities out of adversity. They mature and learn when they are faced with failure so they may be better equipped to handle adversity in the future.

EMPATHY – To be a great teammate, all student-athletes must be able to interpret the feelings, emotions, and concerns of teammates, coaches, parents and team community members in ways that strengthen the relationship through trust, understanding, and well-being. Empathy is an indispensable trait in great teammates.

AUTHENTICITY – To be great, each student-athlete must have a divine inner strength that identifies who they are and what they stand for. Student-athletes who refuse to be something they are not strengthen bonds with their teammates by bringing their own ideas to solutions through adversity.

KNOWLEDGE – Acquiring the knowledge to be the best takes time and passion. It is accrued pouring over videos, a lifetime of reading books and articles, attending clinics, and picking the brains of mentors and coaches. The acquisition of expertise for a student-athlete is a lifetime pursuit and is never ending.