The Arctic Lions Board of Directors is a diverse group of hockey enthusiasts who jointly supervise the activities of one of the oldest youth hockey organization in Fairbanks, Alaska. The board has the luxury of pulling members from all facets of the Fairbanks hockey community - from Coaches, to bankers, to retired Certified Public Accounts, to seasoned community and youth sports supporters and advocates - to ensure the current board has a wealth of knowledge of all workings of a successful organization.


Bruce Haas

Bruce was born and raised in Fairbanks and resides here with his wife and three children. Growing up in Fairbanks, Bruce enjoyed hockey, football, and baseball. Bruce began coaching right after high school and has continued to coach baseball, football, basketball and hockey over the years. As a member of the Fairbanks community, Bruce is committed to youth sports and ensuring the best opportunity for all athletes to find their passion.




Kerry Hafele
Vice President - Player Development

Coach Hafele has dedicated his coaching career to developing hockey players with goals to continue playing on a nationwide stage.  Give Coach Hafele ice and placers to train and he will be there, volunteering his time to support player development.  Coach Hafele has a long career in Fairbanks hockey and has brought his passion and skills to the ice and to the board in support of our players.




Shana Pilkinton

Born and raised in Fairbanks, Shana love the small community feel in this town. She loves being a part of a community that comes together for it's members, for so many different causes. Shana has worked for a local insurance brokerage firm for 22 years. Married 21 years to Jess, they have two children, Emily and Zach. Zach has played hockey with NAHA/Arctic Lions for 7 years, which makes her a very proud Hockey Mom.




Andra Lozano

A financial wiz within her day job as SVP at a local community bank, Andra lends her talents to the finances for the Arctic Lions and we are appreciative of the fact. When not chasing down one of three children currently playing the greatest game on earth, she's connecting with her husband who doubles as dad and coach. A gentle smile and infectious personality, Andra keeps the organizational finances running smoothly.




Karin Wolfe
Risk Management & Safesport Coordinator

Karin has served on the board from the beginning and leads the charge in Safesport for the organization.  She knows everything there is to know about ice scheduling and brings a perspective and history to the board matched by few.  She has spent many years in Fairbanks ice rinks supporting youth hockey players.




Heidi Haas




Stephanie Smith




Jack Tragis
Immediate Past President

A pillar of the Fairbanks hockey community for more than four decades, Jack is the founder and President of Arctic Lions and has held that role since the inception. A true gentleman, coach, dad, and mentor for countless players, parents, fellow coaches - Jack has and always will give you the shirt off his back if you needed. Now retired from the military and being an accountant, Mr. Tragis volunteers his time helping young athletes excel at hockey.