The COVID-19 pandemic has taken our world by storm and hockey is no different.  At Arctic Lions and Alaska Grizzlies, we are focused on player safety as we implement return to play plans that support safety for players, families, coaches, volunteers, and ultimately our community.  As a community organization, we are working hard to mitigate risk and reduce the transmission of COVID-19. This will require all players, parents/guardians, coaches, and volunteers to work together to make this year successful.

We have been working with our facility partners to create a plan that allows players on the ice to enjoy the sport they love, while at the same time creating a space that operates in a safe and responsible manner. Following the CDC, Department of Health and Social Services, and USA Hockey guidance we have worked to facilitate an environment that reduces the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Some aspects of our mitigation plan include:

  • Designated COVID-19 Committee to work with facilities
  • Team Liaisons
  • Health screenings through TeamSnap
  • Temperature screenings
  • A limited number of participants in a facility
  • Face coverings while in the facility (players may remove on ice)
  • Increased sanitation & time between skates
  • Encouraging social distancing when possible
  • Increased hand washing and hand sanitizing protocols
  • COVID-19 exposure plan

While we realize that these extra steps may seem like a burden, we recognize that reducing the risk of COVID-19 is the only way to manage the season and allow the players the opportunity to enjoy the sport they love. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time via email.

AL-AKG Mitigation Plan Revised 11-1-20

Addendum A - UAF Updated Mitigiation Plan 1-24-2021



Alaska State Hockey Association COVID-19 Policy - Updated 10/19/20


One thing we have to remember is that this year will look different. Just like the last six months have looked different, the next six will as well.

We are focusing on some key aspects to ensure a successful season for our players.  Our coach to player ratio continues to be the best in town as well as our focus on dryland training and tools to help develop players. We are also working on utilizing video technology at the rinks to assist parents/guardians who aren't able to be at the rink with the ability to watch their players on the ice.

A season of games with Alaska teams will be scheduled when the Alaska State Hockey Association holds its season scheduling meeting. Some coaches may explore travel outside of Alaska to attend tournaments and will work with their teams on those details. We will continue to offer AKG Advanced Trainings for players in Fairbanks coached by the top coaches in the state.

What we can say is that players will still have a great season and develop as hockey players.  We have continued to pivot as the pandemic has impacted our ability to schedule ice or host events and we are committed to continuing to do so through the duration of this season. We are in this together and with our teamwork, we will be able to offer the best opportunity for the youth hockey players in Fairbanks.



As we continue to gather information and protect our players, coaches, parents, and admin staff - we have curated the following link to help guide us in making decisions we feel are in the best interest of the safety of our family.