Welcome to the 2022-23 Season! 

Competitive Teams 

Tryouts will start August 2, 2022. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Alaska Grizzlies 10U Minors – Coach Beau McBrien

Tryouts: August 2nd – 6:45p, August 4th – 6:45p, August 5th – 5:30p, August 8th – 6:45 (UAF)

The Alaska Grizzlies 10U travel program competes alongside other 10U  teams in the Alaska State Hockey Association. Teams focused on the  Learn to Train phase of USA Hockey’s ADM model. The 10U’s will practice 3-4 times per week with a full game schedule this season. The team will travel within the state 2-3 times for tournaments and game series and may do an out of state tournament at the coach’s discretion. The season plan will have a focus on the whole athlete and encompass on and off ice development. In addition to regular practice, dry land, and games, the team will engage in team building and community service activities.

Arctic Lions 12U Majors – Coach Luke Bonnewell

Tryouts: August 2nd – 5:30p, August 3rd – 5:30p, August 4th – 5:30p, August 9th – 5:30 (UAF)

The Arctic Lions 12U travel program competes alongside other 12U  teams in the Alaska State Hockey Association. Teams focused on the second half of the Learn to Train phase of USA Hockey’s ADM model enjoy up to 100 ice sessions in a normal season at 3-4 times per week or more with additional off-ice sessions added to the mix.  60+ minute ice sessions allow our expert coaches to begin to focus on the mastery of skills in the athletes through competitive, structured practices that continue to isolate the improvement of individual skills. Teams are made up of 12-13 skates and 2 goalies to allow optimal development and ensure all skaters get introduced to all situations during game play.

Arctic Lions 14U AA – Coach Justin Witt

Tryouts: August 3rd – 6:45p, August 5th – 6:45p, August 7th – 10:30a, August 8th – 5:30 (UAF)

This is a national-bound team that could earn a spot at the USA Hockey National Tournament based on season performance. The season plan will include several areas of focus aimed at developing the whole athlete. To accomplish this, the team will utilize the coaching staff as well as other experts and resources in the community to provide the highest level of on-ice skill development, off-ice strength and agility training, sports psychology/mental training, community service activities and integrity/character building. The team will practice 3-4 times per week or more with additional off-ice sessions added to the mix. 

Registration is open for all competitive team tryouts. Click here to register your player for the 2022-23 tryouts. All players must tryout in the designated age group per USA Hockey. If you wish to request a play-up waiver for your player, email your request for review. If approved, your player will be required to tryout for both the defined age group based on birth year and the play-up age group. Please note that players can not play up to 14U.

Development Teams

10U & 12U Development Teams (A Teams)

Development teams will have assessments August 9-11, 2022 based on skills and interests in the various ages. Possible development teams include:

Alaska Grizzlies – 10U A and 12U A 

10U Assessments – August 9th – 6:45, August 10th – 6:45, August 11th – 6:45 (UAF)

12U Assessments – August 9th – 5:30, August 10th – 5:30, August 11th – 5:30 (UAF)

These teams will skate at least 3 practices per week and scheduled games throughout the season will help develop player skills. Additional details about the team, coaches and other important information will be discussed at the parent meeting after team selection. Determined
during assessments based on interest and skills.

Alaska Grizzlies Acadamey



PLAYMAKER SPECIAL – Register by September 1st and receive a FREE shirt and a ticket to the warm up skates for Ice Puppies and Jr. Grizzlies!

♦ 1 – Learn to Hockey 

The Learn to Hockey program is designed for the newest skater who is looking to learn to skate and hold a stick. This is an opportunity for players to build up endurance to skate for 45 minutes to 1 hour while fostering the love of playing hockey. These skaters will join coaches once a week on either Saturday or Sunday to work on skating in a small group. This class will host brand new skaters from 4-8 years of age for 30-minutes one time per week. Learn more about Learn to Hockey on the Grizzlies Academy page.

Learn to Hockey to Ice Puppies

After your player complete the 6-week Learn to Hockey they will transition to the Ice Puppies program. Players will transition from a one time per week skate to the Ice Puppies schedule of two skates per week. Learn more about Learn to Hockey to Ice Puppies on the Grizzlies Academy page.

♦ 2 – Ice Puppies  

Our Ice Puppies are on their feet and ready to start learning how to move with the puck and with teammates. These players focus on learning the basics of stopping, edge work, passing, and shooting. These skills are learned in a fun and encouraging environment with the use of skill development games the kids enjoy. This group will start to work on the basics of youth hockey and continue to work on skating as well. These skaters will join coaches and their team for two ice practices a week, usually Saturday and Sunday. This class will host skaters from 4-8 years of age. Learn more about Ice Puppies on the Grizzlies Academy page.

♦ 3 – Jr Grizzlies

The Jr Grizzlies are skaters who have developed control of their skates and a puck and are working to learn more about team play as they work with coaches to develop individually as well. We also offer a Jr Grizzlies Advanced program for the players working hard to make it to the next step as a Grizzlies competitive player and on to become an Arctic Lion as they develop with us through the world of competitive hockey. The Jr Grizzlies Advanced players are also offered additional ice and opportunities to play in jamborees and tournaments in the state. All Jr. Grizzlies skate two times per week, usually on Saturday and Sunday. These players can be from ages 5-8. Learn more about Jr Grizzlies on the Grizzlies Academy page.