All Lions & Grizzlies assessment ice will be held at the UAF Patty Center for the upcoming season. Each athlete must be registered for the 2020-21 season with USA Hockey beforehand as the registration process will ask and require your athlete's current USA Hockey number for the '20-21 season. If you have not already obtained a 2020-21 identifier, CLICK HERE to register with USA Hockey or click the Register Now graphic. Once you have your USA Hockey number, continue on to the registration portal with Arctic Lions & Alaska Grizzlies under the next section of this page.


COVID-19: Please review the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan and prepare your athlete and yourself for the additional precautions for facility use.  There will be no locker rooms so please have your athlete dress at home or in the parking lot.  Additional information will be emailed with your athletes skate time.

REGISTRATION: There will be no registration at check-in.  All participants must register online prior to the scheduled assessment. Please make sure to provide a valid email address for communication on your athletes assigned time.

CHECK-IN: Check-In will begin 15 minutes prior to the emailed assessment time. Registered athletes must wear a light or dark jersey with no team logos. There will be no registration at check-in.

PARENT MEETING: A parent meeting will be held after the first assessment for each age group to discuss season plans with the coaches and admin staff, as well as present information for the upcoming season. More info regarding the parent meeting will be available at the check-in table.

UNIFORM & TEAM WEAR SIZING: Due to COVID-19, all uniforms and team wear orders will be done online. Sizing charts will be provided to assist with sizing your athlete. When an athlete is selected for a team, they will be provided with the link to complete the order within the time frame indicated. If an athlete does not complete this process and they are selected for a team, uniform and team wear delays are possible as well as a possible $50 assessed to cover rush fees.


Coaches will call each athlete and notify them of the outcome of their assessment. Those athletes selected for a team will be notified and the official roster will be posted on the website. The association will post the official team roster as soon as possible, but it is not instantaneous.

Athletes selected for a team will have their TeamSnap™ account updated and parents will be notified via phone or email to complete their registration information for the upcoming season. Information regarding the coach lead parent meeting will also be disbursed at that time and a $250 player fee will become due and payable within 48-hours of the team meeting unless arrangements have been made directly with the Head Coach.

NOTE: In order to improve the parent experience, AL/NAHA is utilizing an enhanced platform for the season for invoicing and fee tracking. Invoicing will be executed through your TeamSnap™ family account so be sure to keep your account email up to date.