All Lions & Grizzlies assessment ice will be held at the UAF Patty Center. Each athlete must currently be registered for the upcoming 2019-20 season with USA Hockey and online and in person registering will be blocked without a valid 2019-20 USA Hockey number. If you have not already obtained a 2019-20 membership, CLICK HERE to register with USA Hockey.


Check-In will begin 45 minutes prior to the posted tryout time. Registered players will be issued a penny but must wear a light or dark jersey with no team logos.

A parent meeting will be held after the first assessment for each age group.  A parent letter and draft budget will be available from each coach.

Uniform fitting will occur during assessments. If your player does not complete this process and they are selected for a team their uniform may be delayed and a $50 fee will be assessed.


Coaches will call each player and notify them of the outcome of their assessment. Those athletes selected for a team will be posted online on the official website.  We post this information as soon as possible, but it is not instantaneous.

Players selected for a team will need to have their parents complete the registration information for the team following the team meeting set by the coach.  The $250 registration fee must be received within 48-hours of the team meeting unless arrangements have been made.

AL/NAHA is utilizing a new platform for the 2019-20 season.  All invoicing will be done through this website so please make sure to keep you account email up to date.