The Arctic Lions & Alaska Grizzlies family is fortunate to have the support of USA Hockey and their traveling clinic staff which includes our very own Greg Milles. This year’s CEP High Performance Coaching Seminar is right around the corner as the scheduled two day certification class starts Monday night and concludes the following night (Tuesday) with both nights located in the Bunnell Auditorium on the UAF Campus. This will be your main chance for all local coaches to get their certifications for the Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches – as well as those that need a re-certification for the Level 3. Although the course is designed for new or newer coaches, any current coach who would like to take advantage of the knowledge may come  and listen to some or all of the presentations. Whether you are coaching this season, have coached, or wish to get into coaching, these will be great learning tools to help you grow at any level – and just to network with who and what is happening in our great hockey community. Below is the proposed Fairbanks agenda.

Registration for the upcoming coaching clinic is still open. If you have not yet registered or made plans to attend  visit the USA Hockey website to reserve your spot. Information can be found at


5:30-6:20       What is ADM (Rick Trupp/Greg Milles)
6:30-7:20       Development Myths (Kenny Rausch)
7:30-8:20       Define position at your age group/position-less hockey (Bob Mancini)
8:30-9:30       Habits of Successful players (Kenny Rausch)

Tuesday Oct 1, 2019

5:30-6:20          Creating a healthy goaltending environment (Brent Seidel)
6:30-7:20          Benefits of Station based practices (Kenny Rausch)
7:30-8:20          Five essential element of practices (Bob Mancini)
8:30-9:30          Q&A; Directed facilitation on topics from coaches
For more information regarding coaching for the Arctic Lions & Alaska Grizzlies, or to find out more about upcoming clinic schedules, use the “Contact Us” page and indicate Coaching.