Sponsorships & Fundraising

Dear Prospective Sponsor,

The Arctic Lions and AK Grizzlies organizations are dedicated to the development of young individuals into outstanding student athletes, productive members of society, and responsible young men and women.  Hockey is a sport that requires incredible dedication, work ethic, and discipline. It teaches young men and women the skills that they will carry well past their involvement in hockey and into their professional lives.

Our organizations provide families that are less than fortunate opportunities to play this great sport through financial aid and scholarship support. Our goal is to help these outstanding young individuals progress through sport to college and achieve whatever greatness they are destined to achieve. Please help us continue to provide the support and financial aid to the families that need it. Your donation will be applied toward reducing the overall tuition of youth hockey for the player of your choice within our family of programs.

Fairbanks youth hockey is a very expensive sport and with the growing number of individuals wanting to participate in this very exciting youth activity, contributions are very appreciative to lessen the cost burden factor. Your tax deductible donation would be greatly appreciated, and no goods or services would be exchanged.

By clicking a link below for the appropriate sponsorship letter, you'll gain access to the needed information to complete your sponsorship request such as Tax ID, mailing address, and contact info. Thank you for supporting the Fairbanks Hockey community and for changing the lives of our youth in a positive way.




Fundraising is an important financial benefit and character building skill that we encourage all our athletes to participate in. From an organization standpoint, we offer several team and individual opportunities for athletes to raise the financial obligations needed to have a successful season. We also encourage athletes to brainstorm new and beneficial avenues as a team and/or individually and have provided athletes a robust fundraising team.