12U Major ('22-'23 Season 2010/11 BIRTH YEARS)

The Arctic Lions 12U travel program competes alongside other 12U teams in the Alaska State Hockey Association. Teams focused on the second half of the Learn to Train phase of USA Hockey's ADM model enjoy up to 100 ice sessions in a normal season at 4 times per week or more with additional off-ice sessions added to the mix. This phase is just prior to the beginning of the athlete's growth spurt, and gives players the best opportunity to learn and begin to master fine motor skills that can be used in combination with other skills. In most cases, what is learned or not learned in this stage will have a very significant effect on the level of play that is achieved later on. 60+ minute ice sessions allow our expert coaches to begin to focus on the mastery of skills in the athletes through competitive, structured practices that continue isolate the improvement of individual skills. Teams are made up of 12-13 skates and 2 goalies to allow optimal development and ensure all skaters get introduced to all situations during game play.


14U AA ('22-'23 Season 2008/09 BIRTH YEARS)

At the 14UA level, Arctic Lions are focused on further developing sports specific skills with the introduction of competition – and start to emphasize support training to continue development of speed, strength and stamina while maintaining flexibility. By putting a continued emphasis in development of individual and group tactics, the Arctic Lions organization sets the athlete up for their best chance of advancement. Social and emotional considerations are addressed as well by providing an avenue for team-building, group interaction and social activities. The team will skate 3-4 times per week with a combination of team and individual skill sessions which can include games and travel to tournaments this season providing an avenue to develop an athlete’s skills and helping facilitate achievement of their goals of advancing to the next level in hockey.