Sometimes, in order to try new things, it can be as easy as being ready to say yes to the ask. That narrative has never been more true for AKG Academy coach Benjamin Scotti and his story about how he got involved with the Alaska Grizzlies. His story starts like a lot of youth coaches start – he was asked to help. But more importantly, he was ready to say yes.

Born in California, but raised in Alaska, Coach Scotti is a classic outdoorsman who enjoys the Fairbanks outdoor paradise and the surrounding communities to the max. And as we know, part of the outdoor landscape in Fairbanks, is hockey. The hockey town of Fairbanks is a bit of an institution in Alaska for developing some of the best hockey talent the state has produced. Even at the most basic recreational level – through advanced training and tier 1 teams – most young athletes at least dabble in the sport here in Fairbanks. Benjamin, and his family of eight including bride Elizabeth, are no different.

Last year, Coach Scotti ‘s young son and daughter had the urge to play hockey for the season and Dad was happy to facilitate. Dusting off his old wooden stick that he has used faithfully for the last 20 years, Benjamin was thrilled with the opportunity to spend time on the ice with his kiddos helping them learn the game of hockey and picking up a trick or two for himself along the way.  Benjamin knew that he would enjoy hockey with his family, he’s enjoyed the game for the last 20 years himself if some capacity. What he didn’t anticipate was his amazement on how quickly all the kids grew and improved from instruction by the coaches. A staff that Coach Scotti had a huge hand in.


My favorite aspect of coaching [is] watching the kids grow and improve so quickly. – Coach Benjamin Scotti, AKG Academy Coach


Like so many youth coaches, what started out as a mission for Benjamin and his own kids to spend some time together, quickly turned into a mission for him, his kids, and their teammates. By adding coaching youth hockey to his already impressive list of hobbies that includes crew chief, hunting, traveling, and cooking – Coach Scotti adds one more line item to his impressive list of accomplishments. Mentor. By using his gift to impact his players in a positive way, Coach Scotti has allowed those under his tutelage the opportunity to grow in the sport of hockey and as young men and women. And for that, we are thankful for his willingness to say yes.

If you would like to be one of the few who have the chance to pour into the lives and development of the next great wave of hockey athletes and are ready to say yes, we’d love to make the ask. Like Coach Benjamin Scotti and the rest of his comrades on the AKG Academy coaching staff – we dare you to take the leap into mentorship.



The Alaska Grizzlies Academy is a specialized curriculum designed to advance youth athletes by leveraging modern training techniques – USA Hockey American Development Model (ADM) – with the acquisition of sport specific skills in the game of hockey. Development for our youngest athletes within or program is achieved by focusing on reduced player to coach ratios (sometimes down to a 1:1 ratio) and grouped skill sets. Creating a safe training environment with low numbers that includes a program cap, a mitigation plan that … (MORE)

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