Arctic Lions Hockey provides a positive atmosphere for all student-athletes to be given the platform to demonstrate physical fitness, hockey skill growth, and the development of life skills. We build character in our athletes through competition in the game of hockey and instill in them core values which are integral to life’s successes.

Arctic Lions Hockey, lead by Head Coach Jess Carson, is excited to roll out this year’s version of the 12U Minor hockey squad. Featuring a blend of first and second year athletes at the 12U age group (2009 & 2010 birth years), this collection of talent is sure to light the lamp early and often throughout the season. Expectations are through the roof for these talented skaters and puck stoppers to be season title contenders.


Coach Jess Carson believes athletes are built from the ground up.  He will continue this season with a heavy focus on individual player development.  This year, 12U coaches will further start to add attention to the athlete’s mental mindset, body awareness, and hockey sense.

JUSTIN WITT, Assistant Coach

CHAD WILSON, Assistant Coach

JASON WITT, Assistant Coach

12U Minor (2009-20010 BIRTH YEARS)

As your youth athlete continues to grow mentally and physically, the Arctic Lions 12U program further develops them in the second half of the Learn to Train stage. The program further develops sports specific skills, continues the introduction of competition, and starts to emphasize a robust support training schedule off ice. Falling at the early onset of the first growth spurt in most athletes, our 12U program is designed to aide athletes in the process of transferring skills and concepts from games to practices. Athletes can expect 4 on-ice sessions and 1-2 off-ice sessions per week with weekends reserved for in town game series and weekend travel to tournaments and festivals. Assessments are held in the fall as teams are formed with 12 skaters and 2 goalies. A 3:1 practice to game ratio promotes the continued development and mastery of key hockey skills which will have a significant effect on the level of play that is achieved later on in the athlete.


The Arctic Lions do not measure success solely by the won-lost record of its teams. The development of the players as athletes, students, and future citizens entrusted to its charge is the true measure, and we are proud of our success on and off the ice. Success is built over periods of time, not overnight. But if the success of our teams on the ice is an indicator of our progress, we feel we are heading in the right direction. On the organizational side, Arctic Lions s sponsorship came primarily from the Fairbanks Choice Lions Club …. (Read More)