Arctic Lions Hockey provides a positive atmosphere for all student-athletes to be given the platform to demonstrate physical fitness, hockey skill growth, and the development of life skills. We build character in our athletes through competition in the game of hockey and instill in them core values which are integral to life’s successes.

Arctic Lions Hockey is proud to present this years iteration of the 14UAA USA Hockey National Bound team, lead by Head Coach Jimmy Terry. Filled with a blend of first and second year athletes at the 14U age group (2007 & 2008 birth years), this collection of talent has a strong pedigree of success and is coached by decorated coaches who have represented AK well nationally.


Coach Terry is back for another season with the Lions organization. A Level 4 certified USA Hockey coach, Jimmy has been coaching youth sports officially since 2015. A rink rat in the best possible way. Coach Terry can often be seen hanging out at the rink or on the ice coaching not only his son, but all athletes who choose to take in the wisdom of this talented coach. Jimmy is dedicated, and his heart for helping youth athletes can be supported by the countless hours he has invested not only on the ice, but as a board member and advocate for all hockey in the state of Alaska.

Following USA Hockey Standards, we will be working on individual skill development, accountability, skating techniques, injury prevention, team play, and game awareness.  “It is my goal that each time your skater is on the ice it is meaningful and purposeful.  I want them to be able to learn something each time, bettering their skills and understanding of the game by the time they come off the ice.”   In addition to player development, Coach Terry believes it is important to also build a strong and united team, and develop a good work ethic during practices, games, school, and home life.   “It is our responsibility to challenge them, and have them identify individual and team goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.”  The Arctic Lions are fostering critical thinking, self assessment, and determination.  A lot of the skills learned during the hockey season will shape players as they grow into responsible adults.
Practices will be run with a high level of energy and effort. The time commitment from players and parents for this hockey season will be significant.  We will have 3-4 practices a week, one of those being an off-ice practice.  The goal is to do 4+ in state tournaments.  Typically the season would have tournaments in September, November, January, February, and the state tournament in March. There is the possibility of 1-2 out-of-state tournaments, as well. Despite the time requirements, Coach Terry believes that hockey should fall after education in terms of importance and will work to instill a sense of understanding as skaters get older and start to take their hockey careers more seriously that schooling and hockey go hand in hand.

MICHAEL LONG, Assistant Coach

CHAD BEADLES, Assistant Coach

14U AA (2007-2008 BIRTH YEARS)

At the 14UAA level, the Arctic Lions strategically focus on further developing sports specific skills, begin to introduce competition, and start to emphasize support training to continue development of speed, strength and stamina while maintaining flexibility – all at this vital Train to Train stage in the athlete’s development cycle. Athletes begin to consolidate sport specific technical skills with an increased emphasis on hockey and a reduction in the number of other sports played. By putting a continued emphasis in development of individual and group tactics, the Lions organization sets the athlete up for their best chance of advancement. Social and emotional considerations are addressed as well by providing an avenue for team-building, group interaction and social activities. The team will skate 4-5 times per week with a combination of team and individual skill sessions which can include games and in-state travel to tournaments this season providing an avenue to develop an athlete’s skills and helping facilitate achievement of their goals of advancing to the next level in hockey.


The Arctic Lions do not measure success solely by the won-lost record of its teams. The development of the players as athletes, students, and future citizens entrusted to its charge is the true measure, and we are proud of our success on and off the ice. Success is built over periods of time, not overnight. But if the success of our teams on the ice is an indicator of our progress, we feel we are heading in the right direction. On the organizational side, Arctic Lions s sponsorship came primarily from the Fairbanks Choice Lions Club …. (Read More)